Troubleshooting Marketo's Integration

Troubleshooting Marketo's Integration

Troubleshooting Marketo's Integration

Here are some common issues and solutions for troubleshooting the integration:

Issue: Unable to connect Marketo and

Solution: Make sure you have the correct credentials and API settings. Double-check that the user has permission to access the Marketo application. If the issue persists, check your network settings and firewall rules.

Issue: Field map is not correct

Solution: Check the field map between Marketo and to ensure that the correct fields are mapped. If you have added or renamed fields, make sure to update the field map accordingly. Also, check if the field types match (e.g. picklists, text fields, etc.).

Issue: Picklist values are not syncing

Solution: Ensure that the picklist values in Marketo and match exactly. If they don't, update the values in one system to match the other. Also, make sure that the picklist fields are mapped correctly.

Issue: Records are not syncing

Solution: Check if the sync rules are set up correctly. If you have changed the sync rules recently, make sure to re-sync the records. Also, check if the record IDs in both systems match. If not, update the record IDs in one system to match the other.

By following these troubleshooting tips, you can ensure a smooth integration between Marketo and, and optimize your marketing and sales workflows.


Salesforce Help: The Marketo Connection


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