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10 Essential Interview Questions for a Administrator Role

The demand for skilled Salesforce administrators continues to rise. To help you prepare and increase your chances of success, this article will discuss ten essential interview questions you can expect during a job interview for a Administrator position.  Additionally, you might consider reading books like '50+ Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers' , or 'Salesforce Interview Questions & Answers: for Admin' . Here are the 10 Salesforce Interview Questions: 1. How would you define the role of a administrator? This question aims to assess your understanding of the core responsibilities of a administrator. Provide a concise description that highlights your knowledge of user management, data management, security settings, and system configuration. 2. Can you describe your experience with administration? Here, the interviewer wants to gauge your level of expertise. Discuss your previous Salesforc

Salesforce Certification Vouchers

Image has a promotion which I've used a few times now to help with the cost of my certification exams - attend a ' Certification Days ' webinar, and will discount your exam. As per the Trailhead Page for 'Certification Days' registration,  BONUS: All Certification Day webinar attendees will receive a coupon code upon completion of their session for a $40USD discount off ANY $200 exam! The webinars are very good, the vouchers are distributed at the end. 

Keyboard Shortcuts in

Keyboard shortcuts are a set of commands that can be executed by pressing a combination of keys on your keyboard. They allow you to quickly navigate around the Salesforce platform and perform various tasks without using your mouse. This saves you time and improves your productivity and efficiency. In Salesforce, there are many different keyboard shortcuts available. Here are some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts that you can use in the Lightning experience: 1. Global Search – Press " Ctrl + / " to quickly access the global search box. From there, you can search for any record, contact, or account within your Salesforce org. 2. Create a New Record – Press " Ctrl + N " to create a new record, such as a new contact, account, or opportunity. 3. Edit a Record – Press " Ctrl + E " to edit a record that you have selected. 4. Save a Record – Press " Ctrl + S " to save a record that you have just edited or created. 5. Close a Tab – Press " C