Requiring fields with Validation Rules

An article on how to require fields and sales force using validation rules. Use an example account.

Salesforce provides a range of tools to help organizations ensure data quality and consistency, including validation rules. Validation rules ensure that required fields are populated with the correct information when a user saves a record. Here is an example of how to require fields using validation rules in Salesforce.

Let's assume that you want to require the phone number for all account records. You can create a validation rule that checks if the phone field is empty when an account is saved. To create the rule, go to Setup > Object Manager > Account > Validation Rules and click "New Rule."

Enter a name for the rule, such as "Phone Required," and choose "Formula" as the Error Condition Formula type. Then, enter the formula:


This formula checks if the phone field is empty. If it is, the rule will trigger and display an error message.

Next, enter an error message that tells the user why the phone field is required. For example, "Phone number is required to save this record."

Save the rule and test it by creating a new account record without a phone number. When you try to save the record, you will see the error message and won't be able to save the record until the phone number is added.

By using validation rules, you can ensure that required fields are always populated with accurate information, improving the overall data quality in Salesforce.

Ref. ChatGPT


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